hannah sage and roo


Founder and CEO

It is my privilege to be the Alpha Dog. I am the visionary, resident space cadet and self proclaimed coffee/treat fairy aka CEO. I am married to Ben, our spreadsheet wielding, guitar slinging CFO. If you haven’t met them already, Sage + Roo are our quirky, sweet, mostly obstinate, ginger haired darlings that we find so much inspiration in. 

In 2010, together with Ben, I founded Wag. After a lifetime of dreaming, It took 2 years of research and planning to open our doors. With a self qualifying title of “Dog Aficionado”, a healthy dose of childlike wonder, and a degree in Advertising/PR from TCU, I officially opened the doors to Wag in 2012. What an educator and joy Wag has been and continues to be.

What you see around you is the result of lots of prayer, dedicated hands, and the brilliant minds of many, many people. This space is a marker of leaps and bounds, trials and errors, and a dream realized. Our hope is that this space, our pack, and our products leave you with a wagging heart.

With a wagging heart,